Interactive Résumé

Standing out is always hard to do when you’re facing a lot of competition. Having a standard resume is boring. Think of the thousands of resumes each hiring manger, job recruiter, or company has to go through on a daily basis. An interactive resume app can make all the difference between a resume being glanced at, and a resume being thoroughly reviewed.

Roles: Everything from start to finish, except drawings. Recycled some assets.

Brand new UI.jpg


I decided to turn my own resume into an interactive one as a proof of concept, and to show a more creative route, than the standard paper resume.


As a minimalism enthusiast, I believe simplicity can be absolutely gorgeous with the right color scheme. Of course, there are certain projects or products that can’t be so simple, but with something like a resume, I feel it’s important to keep it as simple as possible, while it packs a huge punch of information. 

Using a circular button scheme, mixed with gradient-like backgrounds will give an overall modern feel. Giving the index button itself an animation that’ll show/hide additional menu buttons or products, allows the user to really feel the interactiveness of the app.

It was very important for each page to have their own color scheme, while still flowing fluently throughout. Since the user is free to go to any page in any order, I wanted to make sure the color scheme would flow into each other regardless of which page they jumped from. I also made sure each page had its own index button which houses direct access to the other pages, so the user wouldn’t have to go back to the main menu every time they wanted to access another page. 

The contact page also simplifies how a user can contact the client. The contact page can house however many buttons a client wants, but I felt for me specifically, I wanted a user to be able to email or call me with a press of a button, eliminating any further steps. I also have both of my websites on the contact page, as well as my social media, in case a client wanted to see more about me. 


The interactive app not only houses the standard resume as its own page, but the user can also access all the clients work, images, video, audio, links, etc. throughout other pages. There is no set amount of pages which can be created. For my interactive resume, I decided to have 5 pages: Main Menu, Work, Resume, Cover Letter, and Contact page.