Get 'Em

The action packed, free-roaming open-world video game is available for Apple and Android devices!

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Get ‘Em AR

You wanna see Pump and some of the Get ‘Em crew IRL? Try this awesome AR experience!


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Graphic Novel

The Get 'Em children's graphic novel is now available on iBooks!


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The all new Get 'Em iMessage stickers app is now available in the App Store.


Hover Dog

Remember Flappy Bird? Ya, pretty much that, but with Pump on a hover board!

Hover Dog 3D

Just a cool pup, riding through his city.



Co-Produced/Directed/Edited David Banner ft. Chris Brown music video. Aired worldwide on MTV, MTV2, and BET.


Executive producer and starred in this dark-comedy thriller feature film about a ride-share driver who accidentally kills a passenger…